Uplifting Yourself By Listening To Your Inner Spirit with Dr. April Brown

Episode 98 May 16, 2022 00:41:53
Uplifting Yourself By Listening To Your Inner Spirit with Dr. April Brown
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Uplifting Yourself By Listening To Your Inner Spirit with Dr. April Brown

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Dr. April Brown's podcast called Bringing Intimacy Back is led by her and Coach Kay who have a combined 41 years of practice as counselors. They're experts in their field and are passionate about sharing their perspective on how people can improve their relationships, both romantic, platonic, and familial. She speaks of how you can uplift yourself by listening to your inner spirit.

Her site - www.draprilbrown.com Her Group practice - www.capecoraltherapists.com Her Couples Retreats - www.vacationcounseling.com Her podcast - www.bringingintimacyback.com Her book series of Improving Intimacy on Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/author/draprilbrown

facebook.com/DrAprilTBrown www.linkedin.com/draprilbrown www.instagram.com/dr.aprilb www.facebook.com/Capecoraltherapy www.facebook.com/vacationcounseling www.instagram.com/vacation_couplesretreat/ www.twitter.com/BIBDrApril www.tiktok.com/@bibpodcast

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