Conscious Performance with Chris Plourde

Episode 83 March 03, 2022 00:44:18
Conscious Performance with Chris Plourde
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Conscious Performance with Chris Plourde

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If Chris has learned one thing in his 20+ years of coaching, it’s that the journey to your most authentic, fulfilled, and happy self begins from the inside out. The process of falling in love with the journey of self discovery means embracing your unique story so that you have clarity on where you have been and where you are meant to be.

Chris is a coach, a businessman, a father and husband.

He works with top athletes and well-known companies, organizations celebrities, moms/dads and even military special ops. As a Former Master Trainer and Presenter, he created and presented content both nationally and internationally, on the mental and physical aspects of training for peak performance in all areas of life. As a former Chief Executive with Men’s Teams and Organizations, he has mentored many men to find their authentic self and create leadership qualities which they could bring to their families, communities and businesses.

He wants to help you gain clarity, establish personal performance habits, create balance and unleash your true potential in all areas of your life. He believe while the needs of every type of person may vary, the core concept is the same. The way you approach one thing in life is the way you approach everything in life. - IG @coachchrisplourde - FB - Chris Plourde Conscious Performance Coaching

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