Episode 96

May 02, 2022


Forensic Psychology with Kate Wallinga

Forensic Psychology with Kate Wallinga
Let's Talk Soul
Forensic Psychology with Kate Wallinga

May 02 2022 | 00:35:17


Show Notes

Kate is a forensic psychologist and crisis clinician, turned podcaster. She started her show, Ignorance Was Bliss, in 2018, thinking it would be a True Crime type show with a psychological bent. Since then, she's realized that podcasting has no rules and she didn't want to pigeonhole herself into just one genre, so she chats with a wide range of creators (podcasters, actors, authors, etc), as well as listeners. Everybody has a story worth hearing, and she can make almost anything -- from anxiety to sociopathy, from recording to serial murder -- seem normal. You can find Ignorance Was Bliss on all social media platforms at @iwbpodcast.

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